Monday, August 16, 2010


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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Genealogy meeting, 1/15/2010

The January 15, 2010 meeting of the Genealogy Interest Group – Ancestor Trackers was brought to order by Trevetta Wunderlin. We were delighted to welcome several first time OLLI member attendees including Violet Taylor, Mary Lou Raterman, Pat Benedict, Patty Whittemore and Gerald Hartke. Announcements were made regarding meetings of the South Bay Genealogical Society, the Florida Genealogical Society, the Pinellas Genealogy Society, the Southwest Florida Germanic Genealogy Society and a DAR genealogy workshop at the Dunedin Public Library.
Trev introduced Debra Sandstrom Fleming. Debra teaches genealogy classes for OLLI and her topic was “Perfecting and Posting the Genealogical Query.” Debra began by telling us a little bit about herself and her interest in genealogy. She told us that we would get more responses to our queries in genealogical publications and on genealogy query boards, such as at and Gen Forum, if we followed a few suggestions. She asked us to define our goal, decide what we are looking for, and to limit our query to one objective. Use one surname, or maiden and married name if the ancestor is a woman, and the locality where the ancestor lived. Post queries on surname and locality boards. Debra explained the basics of search tools and emphasized that we will get more results if we keep it simple, shorter and more concise. She recommend that we look for the proper forum, newsletter and genealogy society to post our queries and ask ourselves if the posting will be clear to the reader, and to be sure to proofread all messages before submission. She advised that we post to all applicable message boards. Debra followed her presentation by logging into the Internet and giving us examples of her suggestions.
Respectfully submitted, Rosalyn Davenport Gibbs

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

December 2009 meeting

           The December 18, 2009 meeting of the Genealogy Interest Group – Ancestor Trackers was brought to order by Trevetta Wunderlin.  Announcements were made regarding meetings of the Florida Genealogical Society in January, the South Bay Genealogical Society and the Pinellas Genealogical Society.

Our annual “Ancestor Show & Tell” was begun by Trevetta, who told us about her great great grandfather Morgan, a soldier in the Black Hawk War.  A Union County, Illinois historical society recently published his obituary.  He had two wives, fathered 22 children and reared three orphans.  She showed us photos of her Hartline family and passed around a book “Family Maps of Union County, IL.”  I brought a framed photograph of a drawing of the ship that my great grandfather Hinrich Friedrich Kahl sailed on when he left Germany for the United States in 1865 and a silver fork that he had owned.  Additionally, I passed around the paper I wrote about his life. 

Judy Harwood showed us a book that had been given to her mother. “Reflections from a Mother’s Heart.”  Judy’s mother was unable to write many of her thoughts in the book and that inspired Judy to write and publish a book of her own memories, “Swimming Upriver:  Coming of Age in Appalachia.” 

Elva Lou Currie brought us a calendar she assembled for her children that shows photos of family members and ancestors they never met.  She also shared with us her grandmother’s autograph book and told us stories of her family’s early days in Kentucky and Florida

Irma Almengual’s story was about a Mexican grandfather who met his violin-playing bride while they were both performing in an orchestra in Tampa.  The grandfather wrote a song, “Rancho Grande,” which became famous both here and in Mexico.  The song was recorded by Dean Martin, among many others.  Sadly the marriage did not last.

Deborah Adles reminded us of the Pasco County Genealogy Society’s January program on German research. 

                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                Rosalyn Davenport Gibbs      


Friday, January 8, 2010

Genealogy interest group to meet Jan 15

Ancestor Trackers
The Genealogy Interest Group will meet at Lake Magdelene United Methodist
Church at 2902 W. Fletcher Ave. on Friday, January 15 from 9:30 to 11 a.m.
Our speaker will be Debra S. Fleming on "Perfecting & Posting the
Genealogical Query".
Debra teaches genealogy classes for OLLI and always gives excellent
programs.  This lecture will give you the tools for posting querys in
genealogical publications and on genealogy query boards as at,
Gen Forum and other sites, so you get results.
I personally have made several connections to relatives, by posting answers
to others and posting my own questions. This could be a way to break down
that brick wall. Start 2010 with an inspiring talk and new ideas to improve
your research.
We invite members to join the speaker for informal discussion & lunch after
the meeting at Piccadilly Cafeteria on N. Dale Mabry Hwy.
Trevetta Wunderlin,
Chair of OLLI Genealogy Interest Group

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 20 Minutes

The November 20, 2009 meeting of the Genealogy Interest Group – Ancestor Trackers, an Interest Group of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at USF, was brought to order by our chair Trevetta Wunderlin.  Announcements were made regarding the next day’s meeting of the Pinellas Genealogy Society and the South Bay Genealogical Society’s meeting in January featuring Hank Jones.  Next February Dick Eastman will present a program to the Pinellas Genealogy Society.  Our guest this month was Judy Yost.
Trev introduced Damon Hostetler of the Pinellas Genealogy Society, who presented the program “Courthouse Records.”  Damon began by emphasizing that we must not trust what we find on the Internet; additional documentation is necessary.  On the Internet few of the records from courthouses are digitized and available.  Therefore, we will have to go to the locations.  Federal courthouses will have little we need; State courthouses may have some birth or death records.  County courthouses have a wealth of information for us.  The book “The County Courthouse Book,” by Elizabeth Petty Bentley, was recommended and passed around.  Damon told us that just the dates of births, marriages and deaths don’t make our ancestors come alive – we must examine their lives and times.  In most States birth and death records were required to be registered about 1917, however, some counties recorded them earlier.  A marriage license does not guaranty that marriage took place; the marriage must be returned to be legal.  Sometimes land records are in Land or Survey Offices.  He suggested that we look outside the counties in which they lived.  Probate records include wills and property lists and you might find an ancestor in tax records.  Death certificates are the least reliable as the informant may be uninformed or an emotionally involved relative.  Damon followed his talk with examples of the records that he had explained.                                   Respectfully submitted,               Rosalyn Davenport Gibbs      

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Genealogy Interest Group meeting Friday, Nov. 20

Ancestor Trackers,

The OLLI -USF Genealogy Interest Group will meet from 9:30 a.m. to 11 Lake Magdelene United Methodist Church on Fletcher Ave. Our speaker will be Damon Hostetler of the Pinellas Genealogy Society on "Courthouse Records".   He was honored in 2008 for his work in genealogy at the Florida State Genealogical Society Conference.

Members will have lunch at Piccadilly Cafeteria on N. Dale Mabry Hwy after the meeting.--Trevetta Wunderlin

Monday, October 26, 2009

Report of September 18 Meeting

The September 18, 2009 meeting of the USF Genealogy Interest Group was called to order by our chair, Trevetta Wunderlin.  Trevetta made announced the upcoming meetings for the Florida Genealogical Society and Pasco Genealogical Society. We held our first meeting at our new venue: Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church.
Our speaker this month was Debbe Hagner, Certified Genealogist and President of the Imperial Polk Genealogical Society.  Debbe’s topic was “Overcoming the brick wall- Simple Solutions to Your Major Problems.” She has found the main areas of the brick walls to names, places, dates, documents, indexes, and language. The main difficulty with difficulty with names was our ancestor’s ability to read and write so we need to be creative in spelling of surnames. Names were also changed or translated and depending on the culture sons and daughters were given different surnames. Other search suggestions were to expand your area of research in regards to: the area when looking at a location, dates, and other documents which can be used. Where language is an issue check various resources for assistance. If after trying all these possibilities, review your information. Was there anything that was overlooked? Then make a list of things you want to do or need.
She also suggested creating a timeline, finding a research buddy, asking at the family history centers, your society, or on the internet. She noted the various places to research and other records to search for. She said just do not be afraid to try.
Debbe said she is usually at the Family History Center on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in New Port Richey and is willing to help.

Respectfully submitted,

Irma Almengual